Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Blaze me

I need a good blazer to add to my timeless-pieces collection.
Runway blazer

Camelia in her cool outfit

With a blazer that makes me want to cry

Blazer. I need.


VeraciA said...

i'm not sure if u can steal from schools, but do steal from a nice looking one!
i'm kidding!! blazer's nice! and i read childhood flames too!

--GGS <3

高诗雅 said...

The only problem is i'm looking for blazers that are longer, not the normal ones that reach the waist. Probably have to get a men's cut and alter it. How sad :(

Loke said...

my tailor is making a blazer that looks like in the last picture except it will be in maroon-gold colour. :D