Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Stone in basements.

We stone too much for our own good.
No, this wasn't posed at all.

1: Hair accessories are a lot better with simple clean outfits.

2: A $10 gold watch can be a veryyyy versatile accessory.

3: Soft headbands can be doubled up as wrist accessories.

HM surrounded by green.
Vintage Dress (gift from ME!),
Country Belt,
Cross-Stitch Bag,
F21 Socks,
TopShop Boots.

4: Sometimes outfits need not make sense to other people.

As long as you're comfortable and happy in it, nothing else matters.
HM has a super weird spunky style, it scares me sometimes but its interesting that way.

5: Vintage looking dresses don't always have to be expensive.

http://vanityvintage.com/ (sg based!) has a pretty good selection of dresses,
This dress came in maxi-dress length,
i snipped off a good chunk of it, hemmed it up.

6: A country brown belt (be it light or dark brown) is always a good investment.

It doesn't go out of style, and it might pull your look together.

I bought my thin country belt from Cotton On for $9.
Huiming's one (as seen above) should be around that price too.

7: Knee/Over the knee socks worn with boots can give a different feel to the boots.

F21, TopShop, Comodittee and River Island have a wide selection of these socks.

If you're uncomfortable with knee socks

(yeah it's normal to feel like u're going to a cosplay convention)
start out with full length tights, leggings first.

Me. Less greeny.
Self-made Flower Headband,
Topman Stamp Tee (gift from SK),
TopShop Military Blazer,
Ebay-ed Black Lame Leggings,
Gold watch, Self-made zipper headband worn as braclet,
LV Vintage bag (donation from stepmum),
TopShop Purple Platform Boots.

8: Long T-Shirts can be cheap.

Warehouse sales/Discount racks are a good place to source.
Try rummaging through the guy's t-shirt section.
Ask dad for his old shirts as well, it might fit loosely enough. :)

9: Black Leathery Leggings.

The one in the picture only cost me about 20 sgd from Ebay.
There are some really good deals on Ebay.

The trick to wearing leggings as pants (in my own opinion) is to find full length ones.
Full Length leggings are usually stated as 37" or longer.

Leggings are especially good for travelling because they pack alot LIGHTER! and SMALLER! as compared to jeans.

10: Boyfriend/Military Blazers.

Every girl should have one, the trick to it is to always roll/fold up the sleeves,
and to wear something simple underneath it (considering singapore's weather.....)

TopShop, Zara(mens), River Island, LP Zone are some places to find good ones.
They may be slightly pricey, but its worth it. Especially so for girls with wide shoulderblades.

Because these days most blazers are made in duller colours (grey black etc etc),
try thrift stores for brighter colours.

If you need inspirations or ideas on how to wear blazers...
Karla's blog is the perfect place to find them
Karlas Closet
She has a way of making even bold blue blazers look wonderful.

11: Platform Boots that are 5 inches high.

5 inches might be a little daunting,
but in actual fact, the heels aren't as high when there's a platform right?

It's also the easier way to start wearing high heels.

Don't be afraid of colour, i wanted to get my platform boots in black,
but huiming INSISTED on the purple ones.
Surprisingly i've never had a problem with the colour,
and it adds an interesting twist.

Jane of SeaOfShoes & Karla can be your high heel inspiration guide:


Accyee said...

good on you, gurl! fashion is a statement, not a fad!

Anonymous said...

i totally agree. ^^
its not about the clothes flattering your body, your clothes say things for you before you have to say a word.

and i love your list. long t-shirts with a belt, or scarf..